Welcome to TopSoon

TopSoon is the brand of Yinfeng Plastics, which is protected by trademark law in China, the United States, Europe and Japan.

Welcome to TopSoon

We have 23 years experience in plastic film production, you can customize the product according to demand specifications.

Welcome to TopSoon

Our customers are all over the world and we like to make friends with every customer.


We can use recycled materials according to customer needs for production, reduce environmental pollution.

We use Mobil and other top international manufacturers to provide raw materials, and have the world's advanced technology.

Our company engaged in plastic film production for decades, with more than 300 skilled workers, with an annual output of 30,000 tons of various plastic film.

About Us

Topsoon is a brand owned by Yinfeng Plastics and a trademark in the United States and China. Business products include: Packing plastic bags, Packing plastic film, Plastic trash bags, Perforated rolling bags, Dust film,   Plastic drop cloth / Drop sheet, Mattress bag, and the like.Read more...

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Topsoon Is Exactly What You Need

Topsoon Is Exactly What You Need

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